1. What does KELY do with the information collected?

When making a donation by credit card, we need your contact information so that the card can be processed. Providing any other personal information is optional. Your credit card information is held by AsiaPay, a secure payment processing company, solely for the purpose of processing the donation. This information is not held by KELY at any time.

After you have made the donation we may send you updates about our work. And if at any time you do not wish to hear from us again, you can simply say so! We always provide our full contact details on correspondence so that you can easily get in touch.

2. Who is AsiaPay?

KELY uses the AsiaPay secure payment processing system to handle our online donations because we believe it gives our supporters the best security. The AsiaPay website is at

3. How do I know that my credit card details are safe?

AsiaPay uses the same 128-bit SSL encryption technology as most banks. When you fill in the payment form and click the submit button, your details are not sent straight away. What actually happens is that a secure link is set up between your browser and AsiaPay and an encryption code is requested and received. This then protects the information and transaction details before leaving the KELY donation page for processing by AsiaPay.

4. Is my contribution eligible for tax relief?

With a receipt, donations of HK$100 and over are tax deductable in Hong Kong. Contributions via this website are made to KELY and may not be eligible for tax relief in countries other than Hong Kong.

5. Will I receive a receipt for the donation I make to KELY through this website?

Yes. Donations of HK$100 and over are eligible for a receipt. Please indicate clearly your name, postal address and opt-in for a receipt in the online donation form.
If you have any other questions about making a donation to KELY, you can email us at

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