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Child Protection Policy

KELY’s Commitment to Child Protection

As a local youth organisation who aspires to empower young people to reach their full potential, KELY has zero tolerance for any type of physical and psychological harm and abuse, sexual abuse, neglect and/or maltreatment posed on children and young people, irrespective of ability, ethnicity, faith, gender, sexuality and culture.

We uphold the following principles during our intervention for child protection:
(i) Always focus on children’s safety, needs, welfare and rights;
(ii) Top prioritising a child’s best interests;
(iii) Loving and valuing children so that they can grow and develop safely and healthily in  physical, psychological and social aspects;
(iv) Striving for ensuring children’s physical and psychological safety as well as their health, regardless of their gender, age, race, language, religion, status of residence, health condition, capability or behaviour;
(v) Giving children the chance to express their own views, build up a positive self-image and confidence, have a sense of identity, and develop good interpersonal relationships;
(iv) Taking preventative measures to safeguard a child from potential risks and timely actions upon a suspected case of threatened or harmed physical or psychological safety.

About our Child Protection Policy

According to the guidance and templates in the "Protecting Children from Maltreatment Procedural Guide for Multi-disciplinary Co-operation" issued by the Social Welfare Department of the Hong Kong SAR Government, the Child Protection Policy is set out with KELY to protect all children and youth with whom KELY works with.

The Policy applies to all Staff, individuals and or groups of persons who will be involved in our organisation’s activities e.g volunteers, consultants, board members, donors, visitors etc. All will be required to adhere to the Policy at all times.

The full version of our Child Protection Policy can be found here.

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