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With the pandemic going on, all of us, particularly the young people are going through another tough time of the year. As a Hong Kong-based youth organisation, KELY has been responding to the urgent needs of young people, empowering them to move forward during these trying times. Aside from creating a number of digital resources and online webinars on topics including mental health, we are actively offering young people support to seek help and ongoing opportunities to get involved in helping their peers. 

As a final-year student, I am pretty worried about my future career. Seeing the unemployment rate getting higher in our city, I can’t stop feeling anxious at all times. Over the past few months, my stress level has gone up threefold, and I suffered from insomnia. I don’t know where I can get more support to deal with my negative emotions. ” – Judy, 22-year-old, university student

Your generous donation will help young people like Judy, providing urgent mental health services through KELY's programmes. 

*For donations of HK$1,000, you can help subsidie TWENTY YOUNG PEOPLE to benefit from one of KELY’s Mental Health workshops.

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