We collaborate with schools and other partners to offer programmes to youth between the ages of 14 and 24 around our 3 core focus areas.

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Our Work: what do people say about KELY:

From Grace Cheng, Project Worker Levelmind @JC - Hong Kong Playground Association (Wong Tai Sin)  Our collaboration with Project Connect is very smooth. Based on the previous referral made, the Project Consultant, Cherie has found our Project “LevelMind “ and helped the client bridge our services so as to meet the client’s needs. This helps the client to build up her supporting network in the community and give intervention to support her. The client is our member now while receiving regular counselling sessions with our worker and clinical psychologist. 

From Augusta Yim, Registered Counselling Psychologist, Department Head @Outreach Counselling & Psycho-education Department,  Zion Social Service Yuk Lai Hin Counselling Centre Project Connect facilitates clients with different needs to connect with suitable organizations for further assistance. Through Project Connect, our counselling service can be reached by local non-Cantonese speaking clients. We are delighted to know that the clients received improvement in terms of their presenting concerns through the counselling service that we have provided and we are grateful to have KELY and Project Connect collaborate with us in order to let more potential clients get suitable help. 

From Client : (Female, 15)  When I felt really depressed and lonely, I decided to find help. Project Connect replied to me promptly and was able to book a session the next day. When we are talking, KELY staff is so patient that she listened to all I wanted to share. She also asked guided questions when I feel stuck. It’s great that I got connected to an external social worker in less than a week. It’s great to have someone by my side along this journey. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!! I already told my cousins about Project Connect. 

(Female,18)  I have been struggling for quite some time already. I thought that I was the one having serious problem. Luckily I reached out to you guys to know more about my condition. 

Being able to talk to someone who understands and does not judge is important. Thank you for listening and offering options for me to take the next step. 

(Male, 19)  Thank you for spending time to listen to what I have been going through. It means a lot when I can share honestly, knowing that you are supporting me by my side no matter what I decide to go with at last. From School: It is great to hear that KELY has such a new project. We do agree that our students would prefer external help instead of our school social worker due to afraid of judgement and trust. We would love to know more about Project Connect when you guys are officially launched.

From Parent: I’m quite satisfied with the referral and counselling service given to my daughter. The counsellor was understanding and supportive to us during the entire process, thank you so much!