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Cookies are small files that are sent along with pages from this website and stored by your browser on the hard disk of your computer. This stored information can be sent back to our servers on a subsequent visit. This will make your use of the website easier. Cookies, for example, ensure that you can stay logged in on a website or that your preferences, such as location and language settings, are kept.

Types of cookies

  1. Functional cookies

    These are cookies that are necessary for a website to function properly or that ensure that you can use the website more easily. For example, consider saving your login data so that you do not have to log in every time. Also storing the contents of your shopping cart or closing the cookie notification are covered by functional cookies.

  2. Analytical cookies

    These are cookies that are placed to measure the visitor behaviour on this website and to be able to analyse this. We use this information to make the website as optimal as possible.

  3. Tracking cookies

    These are cookies that are used to store your surfing behaviour within one or more websites. With this, personal offers can be made for you. The tracking cookies on this website are so-called 'third party cookies'. This means that these cookies are not placed by us but by another party. This happens the moment you open files that are stored with that other party via this site. For example Youtube. When we embed videos from Youtube we will enable 'Privacy mode' by default. This means that YouTube does not send statistical and/or marketing related information until you view the video.


Not all cookies are made to collect your data. For example, no personal data is collected with functional cookies. No permission is required to place these cookies. They are therefore immediately loaded when you visit the website.

With analytical cookies cookies it is sometimes also not necessary to ask for permission before placing them. That depends on the settings used. Google Analytics is used on this website. We have followed the manual of the Dutch Data Protection Authority when setting it up. The settings are therefore 'safe', so that this cookie may be placed without your permission.

It is therefore immediately loaded when you visit the website.

The settings are set up in such a way that your consent is necessary.

With tracking cookies your consent is always required before they can be placed. These cookies are therefore only loaded after you have given permission.

Overview of the cookies being used on this website

Below is a complete overview of all cookies used on this website, subdivided into the categories described above. Per cookie it is stated for which purpose they are used, which data they collect and how long they are used. Please note: we cannot guarantee the privacy policy of the third parties whose third-party cookies end up on your device. For this we refer you to the website of the third party in question.

Social media buttons (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook)

The social media buttons on this website do not contain cookies. These are links to the website of the relevant platform (for example) Twitter. If you use that link, you leave our website and you end up on (for example) Twitter. The privacy policy and cookie policy of the platform in question apply here. We have no influence on that and therefore we cannot be held responsible for that. If you want to know how they deal with cookies, you should consult their website.

Right to access and correct or delete data

You have the right to request access to and correct or delete your (personal) data. To prevent misuse, we can ask you to adequately identify yourself. When it comes to accessing personal data linked to a cookie, you must send a copy of the cookie in question. You can find these in the settings of your browser.

Changes and contact

From time to time it may be necessary for us to change this cookie policy. We advise you to return here regularly to check if there are any changes. If you have any questions and / or comments, please contact

Version 28 May 2018