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Overview of WEEZ Art 2023

About Weez Art

The Weez Project believes street art is a powerful way of expressing and promoting mental wellbeing. By partnering with HKWALLS, a non-profit arts organisation, and supported by various artists, several “Weez Art” installations with mental health wellbeing themes will be placed along the coastal trail.

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Locations & artwork

<p>Hong Kong Observation Wheel and AIA Vitality Park, Central</p>

Hong Kong Observation Wheel and AIA Vitality Park, Central

The painting is inspired by a book written by Johann Hari called Lost Connection, in which nine causes for depression and anxiety was addressed by the writer. The painting portrayed a snow leopard, which was often referred to as the loneliest animal in the natural world, constantly living in isolation. Its body was disconnected by nine lines, echoing the idea of the nine causes, and symbolised how an individual suffering from mental health disorders was constantly disconnected from oneself. The flower inside the body symbolises fragility and how vulnerable we are as human beings living in modern society, where we are constantly suppressed and pressured by social and political values.

Kristopher Ho (Instagram @kristopherh)
Kristopher Ho, Hong Kong-based artist and illustrator. He started his career as an independent artist in Hong Kong in 2012, and has been working across both independent and commercial platforms. He has been especially active since 2015 within the street art community and has been participating in various street art festivals such POWWOW, BSAF and HKWALLS. Well-known for his monochromatic and highly intricate murals and illustrations, his work has been described as being impactful with his strokes yet filled with intricate details. Markers has been his main tool of choice for both murals and illustrations.

<p>CHI 120, Sai Ying Pun</p>

CHI 120, Sai Ying Pun

Lotus flower grow in deep mud, pushing through mud, rocks, and stones to blossom on the surface. The struggle and rise through hardship is a reminder that we can overcome anything.

One of the most prominent symbols of growth, transformatiion, resilience and rebirth is the Phoenix. As the bird emerges from the flames, it symbolizes a new self and a new opportunity for life

Taxa (Instagram @ta_x_ka)
Taxa is a Japanese artist currently based in Hong Kong. He is the Winner of Hong Kong and Asia Finalist in the Vans Asia Custom Culture Competition 2017. He is also a finalist in the Secret Walls x Hong Kong Series 4 (2016). He has painted for multiple high-profile international street art festivals, including HKwalls in Hong Kong, Meeting of Styles in Manila, and the United Kingdom’s Upfest in Bristol, Europe’s largest street art festival. He has exhibited in Paris with Galerie Sakura.

<p>254 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan</p>

254 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan

This is the first Weez Wall, painted in February 2020 at the request of HKwalls for the Weez Project to push awareness over youth mental issues. The mural was a  commemoration for Jamie, aka Weez, and  Miguel's classic graffiti style complemented that of Weez’s stickers. 

Miguel is a Hong Kong based street artist.

<p>GRAIN – Gastropub & Brewlab, Kennedy Town</p>

GRAIN – Gastropub & Brewlab, Kennedy Town

‘Ging-bao’ is a colloquial phrase that literally translates to ‘explosively strong or powerful’, used to describe someone or something that is ‘really amazing’.

The characters are superimposed on a letter written by a sufferer of schizo. He/She talk about the state of mind of someone who suffers from mental illness. He/She manages to persevere through life despite the hardship, because he/she believes one can feel a sense of strength 'even though the road to recovery is hard and long’

Ernest Chang (Instragram @iamernestchang)
Ernest Chang is a Chinese-American multidisciplinary artist raised in Hong Kong. His unique perspective is deeply intertwined with his artistic and personal identity. He imbues his creative practice with a heavy use of cutting-edge visual media, digital platforms, futuristic compositional elements, as well as heightened color contrasts and contours. His works investigate the under-examined societal tensions in contemporary city-life and consumerism, in which technology is becoming ever more personal and interpersonal.

<p>30 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Wong Chuk Hang</p>

30 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Wong Chuk Hang

The art is based on anxiety and how it affects people. It can be devastating and lonely when there is no one to turn to. It’s also about how one should love themselves and be kind to one's self. Fortunately for the subject in this mural, the individual is holding a cell phone and can reach out to others for a lifeline. You can always reach out in times of trouble and get the help that you need.

Stern Rockwell (Instragram @stern_rockwell)
Stern was inspired to pursue art after seeing graffiti on the trains of New York City and his practice now includes this inspiration using his drawings and canvases. Stern has become well known for his numerous characterizations of people, places, and objects. He has devoted himself to representing people, expressions, emotions, and lifestyles using a variety of mediums. Often his work allows poetic bursts that reflect the artwork's mood. Stern wants people to recognize themselves, friends, strangers and objects that they see and have seen in everyday life, and allow them a chance to have an old or new experience.

<p>CoCoNuts, Deep Water Bay</p>

CoCoNuts, Deep Water Bay

It is not easy for people who suffer from mental health to open up. The flower represents the deep-rooted internal conflicts of oneself that are hidden from view to the outside world, whereas the outer petals show what’s visible on the surface.

The hands at the base represent the people in our lives that are just within reach, having our backs and are there to support us. The words on the petals are the thoughts we often go through to resonate with viewers.

Rida Nisar (Instagram @ridanisar)
Born and raised in Hong Kong, Rida is an artist who has a wide interest in Art and enjoys working with all sorts of mediums. Having studied Landscape Architecture at university and Backstage Theatre Design in postgraduate, she is an illustrator, mural painter, graphic designer and photographer.

Inspired by her half Pakistani background, she enjoys creating art with colors, shapes and patterns. She strives to use Art in representing her own cultures and identity.

<p>Stanley Plaza, Stanley</p>

Stanley Plaza, Stanley

This piece encourages people to speak, speak to someone who will listen to you and speak what do you have in mind. It could be anything, good things or bad things. Things that make you happy or sad. Big or small, or even weird ideas you dreamt about. Also, speak to yourself, and listen to yourself.

Bao Ho (Instagram @simplebao)
Born and based in Hong Kong, Bao is a self-taught artist known for her freestyle murals and illustrations since 2015. Bao has a distinctive style: monochromic art with tightly packed figures including human bodies, animals, flowers and patterns. Her large-scale mural works are transformed into other forms of art through the collaborations with international brands. She has traveled and worked on projects across Asia, Europe and Australia.

<p>Mint & Basil Thai & Vietnamese, Aldrich Bay</p>

Mint & Basil Thai & Vietnamese, Aldrich Bay

The hand is care and help. The smiley is happiness. The flower is growth.

Parents Parents (Instagram @parentsparents)
Parents Parents, a Hong Kong street art collective, was established in 2012. The group consists of four members specialized in graffiti, typography, and illustration. They work and partner frequently with local and international brands, hotels, and restaurants on murals, indoor paintings, installations, collaborative collections, and graphic designs. They create unique images by searching in the chaos of modern cities.

<p>Social Bar & Grill, Aldrich Bay</p>

Social Bar & Grill, Aldrich Bay

One says she’s trying hard to please others. But two of the petals drop who even notices that? Do you know the whole story? Instead of being judgemental. Sometimes, maybe just a simple greeting would help.

Neil Wang (Website Neillhw.com, Instagram @Neillhw)
Neil Wang is an artist based in Hong Kong since 2018. Antique and traditional culture, architectural design, and still-life art inspire him deeply. The style is a combination of dimensional forms, body language, facial expressions, botanical, etc. to bring a unique atmosphere and depth to his art pieces. He has worked closely with different organisations and firms, from murals to brand collaborations.

<p>Hyatt Centric Victoria Harbour Hong Kong, North Point</p>

Hyatt Centric Victoria Harbour Hong Kong, North Point

Everyone has a side of fragility. It is an inseparable part of life. There will be ups and downs, like on a hike; you cannot enjoy the maginificent view at the top of the mountain without taking the journey. Learn to live with your fragility and tininess, so you can reorient and recommence against headwinds.

This glass whale is a message that says even if we are flimsy as glass, we can still live a colorful and dynamic life.

Bo Law (Instagram @imbolaw)
Bo is a Hong Kong&dash;based illustrator engaged in illustration and mural painting. He is always inspired by the living environment around him and subsequently, the subject of his paintings often features and focuses on projecting the cityscape of Hong Kong. He has collaborated with many organisations including the HKMOA, HSBC, Hang Seng bank, DBS, Shake Shack, Pocari Sweat, Sino Group, and Labconcept.

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Weez Art Challenge 

Visit one of the Weez Art installations, take a picture, and post it on Instagram with your message and the right hashtags. Spread the word and be an advocate with us - we need more people to raise awareness for youth mental health issues and prevent youth suicide. 

Rules for Submission

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  • Deadline for submitting for the Challenge is 28 February, 2023 (Tue).


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