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Positive Youth Development

We know that young people who are healthy, confident, and connected to a supportive community not only have much to contribute to our society, they are also better able to face whatever challenges life throws at them. Recognising and building up young people's strengths and resilience lessens the likelihood of risky behaviours such as substance abuse and promotes more positive behaviours.

Our Positive Youth Development programmes create opportunities for young people to explore and develop life skills and creative expressions, increasing their aspirations for the future. We focus specifically on disadvantaged youth, who typically don't have access to skills-building programmes of this nature. We also work to expand young people’s social capital and support network through connecting them with trusted adults, mentors, and work professionals through our programmes.

Life Skills

All young people need to develop a core set of life skills to support them through adolescence and into adulthood. Our Positive Youth Development programmes focus on equipping young people with life skills such as communication, personal values, and self-awareness, which help them to navigate the challenges of growing up and build healthy relationships.

Creative Expressions

Through the medium of creative skills training (such as coding, photography, juggling), young people learn healthy ways to express their ideas and thoughts. Learning these practical skills can also help young people to increase their self knowledge and to expand their future opportunities and aspirations.

Our Positive Youth Development Programmes

  • Coding for Life - Help young people from deprived communities to develop life skills and resilience along with coding skills
  • Get Positive! - Use Social Circus Training component to support young people under pressure
  • RiseUp - Help Ethnic Minority young people develop life skills and resilience along with creative photography skills
  • Open Door Work Placement Programme - Offers employment skills training and subsidised work placements to disadvantaged young people from Ethnic Minority backgrounds
  • Seeing the Possibilities - A Fashion Design and Event Management programme that supports Ethnic Minority young people to increase life skills and practical, creative abilities.

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