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KELY Support Group has partnered with Bupa Hong Kong and Social Ventures Hong Kong to create a card game “Let’s Break it Down” to help raise awareness for Hong Kong youth in recognising the importance of understanding one’s mental health journey through engaging and thoughtful conversations with others.

What is “Let’s Break it Down” About? 

This game is designed to be a lighthearted and fun way for youth and young adults to get to know themselves more and bond with their peers and families at the same time. 

Main Objectives: 
●      Have a good laugh and learn more about each other
●      Encourage a more focused approach to reflection which is good for mental health
●      Highlights different perspectives and that each individual may have

Theory Behind the Game: 
Based on the Hot Cross Bun Model (otherwise known as Cross Sectional Cognitive Behavioural Therapy formulation), the mechanics of the game uses this popular methodology to facilitate players to map out scenarios by breaking them down into 4 different categories of response - Thoughts, Emotions, Behaviour & Body. By using this method of breaking down each response, players get to hear how others process their responses as well as reflect on their own and over time build a good practice to check in with each aspect when they face any challenging situations. It can also allow individuals to explore what situations can affect them more deeply than others.

Behind the Scene 
The KELY team worked with two young people with mental health lived experiences to advise us and contribute to the content development and game play.

“I really loved being able to work with KELY on this game! It’s great to see people using their own experiences to develop support for others. The game is really beneficial in a sense that it encourages us to sit down and think and process the different events in our lives! While some of the cards are more funny, they are still based on our experiences that we have in Hong Kong. Even if we are only talking about something funny it’s really important to understand what’s going on in our minds!” 

- Alexandra Gough, 22 year-old

“Being part of the creation of this card game has been such an amazing experience. The game uses a fun approach to encourage people to start conversations about any situations or concerns they may be facing. It’s an amazing way for people to use their own experiences to help others.”

 - Tiasha Dadlani, 16 year-old

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