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KELY Youth Toolkits

With proven school-based work in providing education on drug and alcohol awareness, mental health and wellbeing, and positive youth development, KELY has put together a micro resource youth toolkit which consists of modules on different topics that students can access online from home. Each topic takes around 20 mins and is taught using video and accompanying factsheets and activities. 

Drugs & Alcohol Awareness

This module explores 5 common myths around cannabis.
5-Truth-about-Cannabis.png#asset:2854Video, Factsheet and Activity

This module talks about the 5 most common drugs used by youth in Hong Kong.
The-Big-5-Drugs-in-HK.png#asset:2853Video, Factsheet and Activity

Mental Health & Wellbeing

This module explains how cognitive behaviour therapy can help manage stress and how we can apply it to our daily life.Stress-CBT.png#asset:3500
Video, Factsheet and Activity

This module explores ways to manage stress and build a balanced lifestyle.

keeping stress in checkVideo, Factsheet and Activity

This module explores the importance of safe internet use and provides tips for internet safety.
Being-E-safe.png#asset:2855Video, Factsheet and Activity

This module explores ways to practice self care and the mental health benefits of exercise. SELF-CARE-101.png#asset:2891Video, Factsheet and Activity
Online quiz: Being E-safe scenarios

Positive Youth Development

This module explores the differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships, and ways to set personal boundaries.
Personal-Relationship-Boundaries_Video-Cover.png#asset:2856Video, Factsheet and Activity

This module explores the importance of personal values and ways to identify them.

Personal-value.png#asset:2857Video, Factsheet and Activity

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