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Fundraise for KELY

Starting your own fundraising campaign for KELY is easy – here are some tips which may help:
• Start a collection jar in your school, office or workplace by introducing KELY and the services and programmes we provide.
• Designate a special day of a week where your classmates / colleagues can dress a certain way through making a small donation to KELY.
• Designate your school / office / workplace event to benefit KELY.

Here are some more ideas of fundraising activities which you may also consider:
• Charity sales
• Charitable auctions
• Film premieres
• Musical concert / Arts exhibition
• Sports games or matches
• Marathon
• Walkathon
• Fundraising parties for festivals
• Place KELY’s donation box in schools, companies or retail shops to collect donations

If you are interested in starting your own fundraising campaign for KELY and would like to get some expert advice, please contact our Communications and Development Manager via email or by phone at 2521 6890.

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