We collaborate with schools and other partners to offer programmes to youth between the ages of 14 and 24 around our 3 core focus areas.

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Youth Corner

KELY's Youth Corner is your place to get information, advice and help you need.

KELY's Youth Corner is your place to get information, advice, and help you need.

This Hong Kong Life
This Hong Kong Life is a KELY podcast created for youth, by youth, highlighting stories and conversations with young people from all walks of life in Hong Kong (including Cantonese- and English-speakers!). In each episode, we hope you're able to connect with those we interview and see the unique perspectives they have on our city and how they play a part in the larger fabric of our community.

S8EP3 - Setting Goals that Lead You to Success

We just passed mid-term - feeling a little overwhelmed? How do you plan for yourself when everyone seems to have an opinion? In this episode, Ryan and William opens up about dealing with peer pressure and FOMO. They are also sharing their own tricks on setting multi-dimensional goals, and how to implement them for your own...

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