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Empowering young people to reach their full potential.


Empowering young people to reach their full potential through our 3 core services.

Our programmes and services range from resistance and harm reduction around drug and alcohol misuse to positive youth development for vulnerable and disadvantaged youth. With a priority to understand young people’s perspectives, we equip them with key life skills and resilience as they face various challenges growing up in Hong Kong. 

KELY's 3 Core Services

Prevention Education & Harm Reduction
- Help young people make informed decisions by educating them around drug and alcohol use, building their resilience strategies and harm reduction outreach.

Positive Youth Development
- Provide opportunities for young people to explore and develop life skills and creative expressions, increasing their aspirations for the future.

- Raise awareness through mass media, public outreach, and social media about issues that young people in Hong Kong face. - Campaign alongside and on behalf of young people, with the aim to influence policy development, upstream thinking, and funding decisions to respond to their needs.


Our Focus on Peer Support, Leadership Development, and Mentorship

At KELY, we encourage peer support because young people are more likely to feel supported and listened to when interacting with their peers within a positive environment. We pay attention to young people’s needs and develop future leaders by engaging our youth in the planning and implementation of our programmes and services for their peers. Trusted adult volunteers from the local community are invited to share their knowledge and expertise with our youth, develop shared goals and work together as a team in our various programmes.

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