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About Weez Walk

Weez Walk was established by Tony in 2021 as a casual event to raise funds and awareness. Tony completed the walk in 12 hours and 58 minutes, a personal best which he doesn’t expect to improve on. Such was the success of Weez Walk in 2021, the idea of creating a multi-year participatory event open to all was born. 

“Mental health is always shrouded in taboo which hinders us from having open communications with one another, let alone our youth. When young people encounter any mental health challenges, most of them are reluctant to seek help and even turn to a negative way to cope. We cannot bear the cost to see any more young lives cut short by the loss of hope and care. Hence, in this year’s Weez Week, we motivated each of you to Be The One and help break the stigma around youth mental health and suicide. Thank you to all those who have spared no effort to mobilise your networks to join the walk and raise funds for KELY. Your every little small ‘step’ does really help make a big change in youth’s lives, ”  
——Tony Bruno, co-founder of the Weez Project. 

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