Weez Walk 2023

Join Weez Walk 2023 to walk or run around the Hong Kong Island Coastal Trail to raise awareness on suicide prevention and youth mental health

We are excited to announce that Weez Walk 2023 will take place from 14 Jan to 19 Feb 2023. This is a family friendly virtual challenge organized to raise funds and increase awareness of youth mental health issues, in particular suicide prevention. 

What started as a personal challenge for Tony Bruno in 2021 to raise awareness of mental needs of youth in HK and to raise fund for related services which has become an open invitation to all to join in as a community to open up conversations around youth mental health and suicide.  (check out the Weez Project & Tony’s full story here).

Weez Walk 2022 featured over 720 hikers and runners. We sincerely invite everyone to join us at the Weez Walk 2023! 

This challenge is a 62km route on the perimeter of Hong Kong Island, taking in all the amazing sights and sounds of the islands coastal areas, from rural to industrial, from beaches to urban, the route has it all. The walk can be completed in stages, anyway you like, with full route details provided upon registration. For those who wish to challenge themselves, there is the option to complete the trail in-one-go. The current, unofficial record is 6 hours and 27 minutes.

All proceeds from Weez Walk 2023 will go to KELY Support Group, and used fully to develop and deliver preventative mental health programmes for young people in Hong Kong. 

Date: 14 Jan to 19 Feb 2023 
Format: Participants can complete the route in-one-go/by stages within the event period
Group: Individual/Family or Non-corporate/Corporate/Student

Stay tuned for the details!

Corporate and organisation partnership are most welcome! If you are interested in supporting Weez Walk 2023 and partnering with us, please contact Patricia Yuen / Hailey Chung at 2521 6890 / event@kely.org.  



Weez Project is a community group which is working to increase awareness of youth mental health issues and campaigning to prevent suicide. It was set up by Tony and Ann, who suffered the tragedy of their teenage son taking his own life. 

Weez Walk was established by Tony in 2021 as a casual event to raise funds and awareness. Tony completed the walk in 12 hours and 58 minutes, a personal best which he doesn’t expect to improve on. Such was the success of Weez Walk in 2021, the idea of creating a multi-year participatory event open to all was born. 

Find out more about Tony & Ann’s story here 

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