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This podcast by KELY Support Group (KELY) highlights stories and conversations with a variety of Hong Kong’s youths all from different backgrounds and provides a medium for young people to connect and understand each other. Each season consists of eight new stories discussing a new topic. There are episodes from Cantonese speakers and English speakers. Every person featured experiences our home differently, so we hope that you listen to each episode, connect with these youths, and learn about how they are adding to Hong Kong’s busy days and continuous story. KELY is a Hong Kong-based nonprofit organisation whose mission is to equip young people with the skills, knowledge, and opportunities needed to support themselves and each other.

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Introducing new hosts for Season 8 - Ryan and William 

Welcome to season 8! 

When we look into a mirror, we see a reflection of ourselves - an image of who we are at the moment that we are looking at it, but any Physics student can tell that a mirrored image is only a virtual image. Is it truly who we are? Or merely a representation of what we are?

The theme of this season is “Raw Reflections”. Our hosts will explore the idea of self-reflection and how it can help us gain a deeper understanding of ourselves. 

Are you ready to dive in? 

Let’s start to challenge presumptions and do some RAW REFLECTIONS! 

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