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Mental Health for Parents

Sometimes in order to take care of youth, we have to take care of ourselves first. 

Youth Mental Health for Parents

This series of brochures guides parents on how to care for the mental and emotional health of youth. While young people in Hong Kong face increasing levels of stress, as parents, we may worry for the wellbeing of our children. Read our tips on how to recognise signs of low mental health, create a safe space for young people to share their thoughts and feelings, and also find a useful list of hotlines and additional resources.

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Ways to Relax

As parents, your mental health is as important as that of your children, but while you may devote your time to caring for your family, you may not have as much time to care for your body and mind. We’ve created a series of two videos to demonstrate how self-care can be simple and accessible: "2 Breathing Techniques" and "10-minute Chair Yoga Routine". Watch how we do it and follow along (available in Traditional Chinese only)!

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