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Weez Art Charity Auction

We thank you all the artist who very kindly donated their creative work to us for promoting youth mental health and suicide prevention.

<p><em>Ging-bao</em> by Ernest Chang</p>

Ging-bao by Ernest Chang

297 x 420 mm
Acrylic & Giclée Print on Canvas
Gallery-Wrapped on 38 mm Thick Wooden Frame
Unique, 1/1 Signed

About the Art

‘Ging-bao’ is a colloquial phrase that literally translates to ‘explosively strong or powerful’, used to describe someone or something that is ‘really amazing’.

The characters are superimposed on a letter written by a sufferer of schizo. He/She talk about the state of mind of someone who suffers from mental illness. He/She manages to persevere through life despite the hardship, because he/she believes one can feel a sense of strength 'even though the road to recovery is hard and long’

Ernest Chang (Instragram @iamernestchang)
Ernest Chang is a Chinese-American multidisciplinary artist raised in Hong Kong. His unique perspective is deeply intertwined with his artistic and personal identity. He imbues his creative practice with a heavy use of cutting-edge visual media, digital platforms, futuristic compositional elements, as well as heightened color contrasts and contours. His works investigate the under-examined societal tensions in contemporary city-life and consumerism, in which technology is becoming ever more personal and interpersonal.

<p>by Parents Parents</p>

by Parents Parents

500 x 700 mm

About the Art

The hand is care and help. The smiley is happiness. The flower is growth.

Parents Parents (Instagram @parentsparents)
Parents Parents, a Hong Kong street art collective, was established in 2012. The group consists of four members specialized in graffiti, typography, and illustration. They work and partner frequently with local and international brands, hotels, and restaurants on murals, indoor paintings, installations, collaborative collections, and graphic designs. They create unique images by searching in the chaos of modern cities.

<p>by Bo Law</p>

by Bo Law

609 x 914 mm

About the Art

Everyone has a side of fragility. It is an inseparable part of life. There will be ups and downs, like on a hike; you cannot enjoy the magnificent view at the top of the mountain without taking the journey. Learn to live with your fragility and tininess, so you can reorient and recommence against headwinds.

This glass whale is a message that says even if we are flimsy as glass, we can still live a colorful and dynamic life.

Bo Law (Instagram @imbolaw)
Bo is a Hong Kong-based illustrator engaged in illustration and mural painting. He is always inspired by the living environment around him and subsequently, the subject of his paintings often features and focuses on projecting the cityscape of Hong Kong. He has collaborated with many organisations including the HKMOA, HSBC, Hang Seng bank, DBS, Shake Shack, Pocari Sweat, Sino Group, and Labconcept.

<p>Photo of Taylor Swift</p>

Photo of Taylor Swift

Limited Edition 8/50

Minimum Bid: HK$4,000

About the Art

Taken at the Singer/Songwriter's Speak Now World Tour

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