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KELY Friendship Pack — Stay connected with friends

During this COVID 5th wave, social distancing means we cannot see our friends and classmates as much as we used to. At KELY Support Group, we totally get how that might feel! We also understand that during this time you may sometimes feel bored or need a bit of pick me up, so we put together the “KELY Friendship Pack.”

This “Friendship Pack” has been put together with you and your friends in mind. Upon receiving, we hope that not only will you have some fun new ideas to spend time and reach out to friends, but also have some goodies to help boost your wellbeing. Included in this assortment of gifts is our specially designed “7 Friendship Missions!” that is chock full of tips on how to care for your friends, mental health resources, and chances to get social and win some exciting prizes! 

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