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Youth Mental Health Resources – Stress relievers & increasing your wellbeing

Access  KELY’s handy online resources on the go – tips and evidence based ways to ease stress, build resilience and support each other.. Share the love with others!

Keep calm and ask KELY

If you're feeling lost, a bit confused, or just simply want to find out more about mental health issues, check out our video series which covers commonly asked questions by young people in HK. From defining disorders, empathy awareness to how to comfort a friend in need, the KELY team provides insights to better understand all things mental health. Have a question you've been thinking about that's not included here? Send us your questions & one of our team will respond to them here!

Well-being Card Game

If you're up to some relaxing and fun games to play with during lockdowns, our Let's Break it Down card game could be just right for you - Identify your responses to different scenarios - thoughts, emotions, behaviours and body. You may also reflect together with your families or friends on how to improve and deal with upcoming challenges. Learn more about your family and friends while having a good laugh together! 

Available both in English and Chinese, stay tuned for more information on our social media post to get your own set delivered to your doorstep! Look for more local Hong Kong elements in your cards. You may also download the simplified version from our website if you are keen to get started right away!

Positive Stress Coping Strategies

Going out for a run or hitting the gym may not be ideal options during the pandemic. How about social circus and juggling to have fun and relieve stress?

Explore these 10-episode videos sharing juggling tips and de-stress strategies - don't worry if you're just setting off your journey, as we've covered tactics for all levels from beginners to advanced. Practise at home to cheer up your family and friends!

Tips for Well-being 

Staying well - both physically and mentally - during the pandemic when things are turning difficult, is utterly crucial for all of us. No matter if it's about yourself or your friends, managing stress and keeping the positivity in mind means a lot. Never underestimate the power of your empathy, comfort and support to a friend who may be undergoing distress.

Check out the Coolminds website for tips on well-being: reducing anxiety, managing loneliness, and at-home exercises that help you feel better. If you know someone who's been suffering and you're unsure what to do, there are also ways for you to help a struggling friend. Or you may take a look at the Peer Support booklet for more details.

Stay healthy mentally and physically and we’ll make it through together!

WhatsApp Stickers

Despite not being able to meet in person, we are all keeping our conversations going on WhatsApp or Signal with our friends.  Why not try out some of KELY's special WhatsApp stickers packs to spice up your chats? Download the pack now and share with friends!

(a) Your Feelings are Valid

Designed by our youth, Your Feelings are Valid stickers remind us about the importance of staying mentally healthy. 'Feeling bad isn't a problem; just remember that you are not alone.'

(b) Project Connect

Not sure what is cuter than a bee?

How about our mascot BEEs for Project Connect – Introducing our Agent K, Agent T and Agent S with different personalities, expressing numerous emotions and feelings. Tired of typing? Post a bee to show your feelings! 

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