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OurFutures Web-based Alcohol Education Course

The OurFutures Web-based Alcohol Education Course is adapted from an evidence-based Australian programme called “OurFutures”, originally developed by a group of researchers led by Professor Maree Teesson, and has been implemented in the country for over 10 years. Multiple research findings have shown that the OurFutures programme is effective in reducing alcohol consumption and binge drinking in students, as well as improving attitudes towards alcohol.

With the support of OurFutures and the Matilda Centre for Research in Mental Health and Substance Use, The University of Sydney, the course is localised for the first time in Hong Kong and Asia, adapting its content to the lifestyles and needs of local youth.

The course adopts a hybrid learning method which includes an online self-learning comic surrounding the stories of a few teenagers on their experience with alcohol, and offline interactive classroom debriefing.

School alcohol awareness campaigns can be arranged to improve students’ leadership skills and to facilitate an open and positive environment to talk about issues surrounding alcohol.

Target audience: Grade 8 - 10 (F2-F4) students 

For sample course content and school enrollment, please contact:
Programme Coordinator, Natalie Wong
2521 6890

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