We collaborate with schools and other partners to offer programmes to youth between the ages of 14 and 24 around our 3 core focus areas.

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Peer Supporter Certificate Training

Enhances peer support for youth’s emotional wellbeing

In KELY’s Youth Mental Health Survey 2022, it was found that 60% of youth do not tend to seek help when facing mental health challenges. This trend reflects the experiences KELY had while working with young people, where they often express they do not know where to seek help. The survey also showed that 62% of the surveyed young people (aged 14-24) are most likely to turn to their peers for support when they face any issues. 

Hence, the Peer Support Training was enhanced to adopt elements from traditional peer support and the structure of mental health first-aid training, combined with KELY’s signature peer support programme. 

The result is an evidence-based 10-hour training that aims to increase peer support around youth’s emotional wellbeing. 

Trained peer supporters will be equipped with knowledge and skills to provide appropriate support to their peers, and if needed, direct them to additional professional support services in Hong Kong.

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  • Enhance knowledge in mental health and other common challenges youth face in Hong Kong
  • Equip students with peer support skills, improve students ability and confidence in recognizing and responding to issues amongst peers
  • Increase students ability to support and encourage others in seeking help
  • Build positive mental wellbeing support for students and their peers

KELY will deliver 10 hours of in-person training to 20-30 youth aged 14-19. The training is divided into 5 modules and will be delivered through interactive presentations, activities, role-playing, group discussions and case studies. 

The 5 modules include:

  1. Knowledge on common youth challenges 
    Including youth mental health, stress, drugs and alcohol, boundaries in relationships, and bullying. Students will also be equipped to better address these challenges as a peer supporter.
  2. Understanding yourself and others
    Providing an opportunity for students to self-reflect and build self awareness and emotional awareness.
  3. Essential skills for peer support
    Building a foundation and equip students with peer support skills, including active listening skills, setting boundaries, and identifying risks.
  4. Self-care
    The importance of taking care of themselves in order for them to better support their friends.
  5. Channels for help-seeking
    Identifying when professional help is needed, and how to signpost their peers to the appropriate resources for additional support; and general knowledge on responding to crises.

All participants will receive a Peer Supporter Training Booklet and Workbook. Upon completion of the training, students will receive a completion certificate as KELY’s Certified Peer Supporter.

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