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Who are we?

KELY staff understand the importance of help-seeking and peer support, we hope to support and walk alongside young people. Our team includes social worker and Youth Services Offices with at least 20 hours on basic counselling and crisis intervention training.

Clinical Advisors
Dr Keith Hariman, Psychiatrist 
Dr An Tong Gong, Clinical Psychologist
Leung, Pui-Yan Katie, RSW, Child and Family Therapist

Karen Wong , Allie Xiang, Jasmine Ng, Christy Lai, Ashley Cheng 

Logo design
Just as bees work together to build their habitat, forming hexagonal structures both protective and supportive, ‘Project Connect’ promotes mutual support amongst youth by linking them to those who can help. Our representative colours——black and yellow——symbolise these selfless creatures who work to improve each others’ lives, constructing networks that can be depended on.

KELY is more than a service provider. We endeavour to nurture mental health awareness where it matters most and can be reached anywhere youth can be found across multiple social media platforms. Making those connections isn’t enough for us - we walk with you on your journey wherever it takes you as a confidant and friend, getting you to where you deserve to be.

Project Mascot 



Kenny (Agent K)

Personality: Positive and supportive 

Goal: Provide youth with a sense of support and togetherness in their help-seeking journey 



Tammy (Agent T)

Personality: sensitive and understanding 

Goal: listens to and reassures youth when they have concerns about seeking help



Sunny (Agent S)

Personality: tough and inspiring

Goal: encourage and relate to youth who are doubtful or discouraged about seeking help

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