Project Connect

Project Connect accompanies and supports youths in their help-seeking journey. Every youth has a unique experience and perception of seeking help. Through educating and assigning, KELY trained staff (KTS) listen to a youth’s conditions and needs with empathy and care; we hope to move them closer in reaching out for formal help. When a youth is ready to seek help, KELY trained staff can refer him/ her to partnering organizations in Hong Kong for comprehensive counselling support.

Project Target Audience 
Teenagers in Hong Kong (aged 14-24 years old)


  • Educate and accompany youths in their help-seeking journey 
  • Conduct initial assessment and explore needs for youth reaching out  
  • Inform and connect youth to professional services and local resources (referral)
  • Raise public awareness and reduce stigma in youth mental health

Core Values

  • Non-judgemental 
  • Supportive 
  • Confidential
  • Inclusive
  • Empathetic

Project Service Flow

A youth can reach out to Project Connect through calls, emails and messages through different social media platforms. They can also approach any of our staff who host talks and workshops at their schools. Once an inquiry is made, KELY trained staff will respond to their concerns and listen to their needs. We answer questions, provide information to support youth in their help-seeking journey. When they are ready to be referred to professionals, we connect them to our service partners which provide counselling services in Hong Kong. KELY’s support does not stop once referrals are made. After 2-3 weeks, we will check in with the youth for follow up and further encourage them to continue their progress in help-seeking. If needed, KELY can offer a re-match until the youth is getting the support they need.

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