Starting (and maintaining) a conversation with your child on Father's Day

Fathers are often the “tough guy” in the family, but we are also sensitive human beings who want to be loved and trusted by our children.

One way to establish a trusting relationship with them is, of course, to start a regular, two-way conversation with them, so that they feel safe and willing to share what they are going through with you.

Here are some tips on how to do that:

1. Create a space for dialogue

Take opportunities to express your emotions more often, be a role model to your children, and let them know that expressing emotions is a normal thing.

2. Replace criticism with questions

When you disagree with your children's behavior or thoughts, try replacing blame with curiosity. You can ask, "I've been seeing you getting angry a lot lately. Is something bothering you?" or "What's the reason behind your actions?"

3. Listen actively and patiently 

Maintain natural eye contact, occasionally nod, and affirm what your children say. You can say, "I'm happy you're willing to share with me" or "I believe you've been through a lot lately."

Your child may already know that you love them, but they need to hear it from you as well. Spend some time together this Father's Day - start a conversation today!