Shall We Talk?

Shall We Talk?

Dear Mum and Dad,

I know I have been silent for a long time, keeping my emotions to myself. I should have opened up to you more... There have been a lot of things that I should have confessed to you. My emotions have fluctuated in these couple of months but I didn’t tell you why. I think it would be best if I tell them to you on this wall to alleviate the awkwardness.

In these past couple of months, I have been contemplating back and forth about my emotions, whether or not I should disclose them to you. After these long contemplations within myself, I have built up enough confidence to burst out of the bubble and tell you about my decisions. It may stun you about my rational choice, I believe that times are changing, I do not think by doing so would hinder our relationship. Here goes, I have had a hard time dealing with school and friends, bothered by the relationship between friends that had turned sour and went for the worse. I think that I should have consulted you for advice on how to deal with them. That’s why I have been so silent all this time, fighting with my emotions, making irrational decisions on how to deal with them.

We’ll talk about it soon.