Living and studying in a new place

Living and studying in a new place

Dear Mom and Dad,

It is strange to leave you this message, talking about living and studying in London as the coming September marks my third year at the university. Please forgive me for doing so as I had not found the appropriate opportunity until now. To begin with, I have always been very grateful for your provision – sending me abroad costs much more than local education. Secondly, I am also thankful that you supported me in my pursuit of history, a subject that truly interests me, when I had been accepted by the Law faculty at Hong Kong, which may be perceived by many in HK to be a much more preferable path. London is a beautiful and elegant city. She was not foreign to me when I first set foot here as much of London resembled Hong Kong. The “Look Left”, Look Right” signs painted white on traffic roads here looked identical to those at home.

There were many more similarities that worth exploring when you visit the British capital next time and I will not spoil here. Turning to my school life, much of it has been rendered virtual. I visit the library twice a week, which has become the only occasion for me to hang around the campus. School work is tough as I set rather high expectations for myself but it is manageable.

Let’s talk soon.