Father's Day

Father's Day

Dear Dad,

As Father’s Day approaches, I reckon that it would be a good idea to pay tribute to you here – You get the credits and I get to avoid the awkward correspondence. I know that being a dad is no easy task, so your office per se deserves to be accoladed, and a fortiori, when you have three unquenchable, ever-whining mouths to feed, which triples your work when compared to other dads – You have to work three times harder to put food on our extra-large table. Apart from this, there are also other notable contributions on your part: (1) attending all our Speech Festivals and Parent-Teacher conferences, (2) blocking off your weekends for us, (3) dropping the long face before coming back home… etc.

It is not to say that you are devoid of shortcomings – You snore loudly at night, bothering mom a lot and us a bit, and one would not find your physique to be the most desirable. However, you are still a wonderful dad and you have done more than what we could have asked for.

Happy Father’s Day.